Thankful Tree

A while back, I pinned a pin on pinterest.

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Isn’t it SWEET? I thought it was perfect. I tucked in the back of my mind as “things to do after Halloween” and I almost forgot about it.

Until two days ago.

My kids were running rampant. Kids can smell exhaustion the same way sharks can smell blood. They smelled it on me from across the house and somehow knew -without even communicating it to the other -that they could really skin the cat. Figuratively.
The neighbor’s cat is fine.

As I watched my house and yard slowly unravel, I knew I had to do something to stop it.
Thankfully (pun intended), my kids love to help. They love to be given a job that they feel only they can do.
“Kids!” I hollered, “Go get your mama some sticks. We’re going to make a tree!”
Immediately, they abandoned the pile of soil-turned-absolutely-black-from-ash (oh, their clothes!) and came running.
The boy brought me two twigs, and I thanked him.
The girl was right behind him with a ARM LOAD of sticks. I gushed all over.

The boy became jealous. He ran outside. And returned.

“That’s not a knife… THAT’S a knife.”
Anyone know it? Please tell me you know it.

Anyway, our tree is substantially less cute. But it’s not about cute! It’s about gratitude.
We don’t have any yet.

Monday night, we’ll fill our tree with gratitude.
Until then, I’m off on a walk. I need some energy to mask my exhaustion.
The predator v. prey situation just isn’t working around here.


  1. Charlsye Miller says:

    Please don’t mind that I am stealing this idea for F.H.E this week??? I love it!

  2. Steve - the brother says:

    It’s Crocodile Dundee, yes?

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