Kids are Funny

Yesterday we had some friends over.  The kids started tracing their hands and feet onto some construction paper.  They used permanent marker, but it didn’t phase me much.  It’s not like we haven’t had permanent marker chaos in our house before.

I left all of the markers and papers out for the kids while I went about my daily tasks.

Last night, I looked up from some paperwork to see my son sitting on the table next to me -his feet both out in front on him, a paper on his lap, and his head on that paper.

The thing is: he had already traced his hand. He had already traced his foot. He had even traced his arm! What was left? His face. Obviously.

Ahhhhh, my boy. I could hardly get him to look up to take that last picture. He was DETERMINED to trace his face. When he didn’t have any luck, he turned to his sister.
“Color my face, lace!” He kept saying. It sounded like a political slogan of some kind.

Kids are funny. My husband and I laughed while watching this:

Adults are funny, too.

That’s what I look like when I exercise. Thank goodness no one is around to film me.

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