We didn’t carve pumpkins last year. We wanted to feel bad about it, but we didn’t. Not really. Honestly, we were so tired with two little kids and gardening… we just bagged the idea and focused on the other aspects of Halloween instead. This year, we made SURE that carving pumpkins happened because the girl is old enough to know that if she doesn’t, she’s missing out.
Luckily, I had saved the pumpkin-carving kit that we bought two years ago. I’m not normally a fan of the kits you can buy at the store (like egg dying kits? Who needs ’em?), but I LOVE our pumpkin carving kit!
The kids each picked a pattern and we went to it.

The girl took the camera while she was waiting for her Dad to finish carving her pumpkin and took some pictures:

I looked over and saw her taking pictures of herself. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, “I needa take these of me to send to Grammy. She will LOVE them.”

She was also thoughtful enough to take pictures of the house so in 20 years I can remember just how awesome it is to work my tail off cleaning one day and have the house looking like I hadn’t touched in in three months the next day! Yay!
I baked cinnamon rolls while we carved, and we ate them for dinner. I know I should have made something else, but it was a rainy, cold, cinnamon roll day and by the time I got done making the cinnamon rolls, I was done cooking.
The boys made themselves Ramen noodles to go with their cinnamon rolls.
The girls contented themselves with rich gooey deliciousness. Lacy LOVED the gooey cinnamon rolls. The gooey pumpkin guts? Not so much. She burst into tears after I took this and begged to go wash her hands.

That’s my artwork. Lucky for me, the boy chose one of the easiest patterns in the book.

The kids are so excited to have their pumpkins done. I’m glad we didn’t skip it this year -it’s worth it to see how happy they are (after they get over the shock of the nasty pumpkin guts). We laughed as Trent said, “It’s eye is BROKEN!” as I popped out one eye on his pumpkin.
And we laughed as Trent cooed, “Smile, Pumpkins!” as we took pictures of them in the dark.
And yes, we even laughed as Lacy bawled her eyes out because her hands were dirty.
And then I laughed as I took a picture Lacy had taken and made it my own. His eyebrows really make it too easy for me. See how they form points? I realize this is overdone, but you have to understand how much fun it is to turn your husband into a blood-sucking vampire.

We’ve got 2 Halloween parties on the schedule today -one for the kids and one for us. Costume pictures to come!

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