The kids got their doggy doo doo Grandpa promised to give them (I know you were up all night wondering).

The boy ate half of it and took the other half outside. He decided to climb a fence but needed both of his hands, so using 3 year old logic, he tucked his rice krispie treat under his chin and climbed. But it fell. And then the neighbor’s dog gobbled it up.
You should have seen the tears on that kid. I felt so bad. All I could do was hug him and tell him that I was sorry he lost his doggy doo doo.
He told me he needed to go outside and tell the doggy “NO!” I set him down, he ran outside, and I listened.
“You don’t EVER eat my doggy doo doo b’cuz I will hafta get MAD AT YOU!”

Having told the dog off, he came inside completely satisfied.

Later on, the kids asked if they could play outside and I told them it was fine, but they needed to stay on the lawn.
They hopped out the door, and instantly I could hear them talking to someone. I went outside and saw them talking to my sister-in-law, their Aunt.
I asked her what she was up to.
“We went for a walk,” she said, motioning to her two kids in her stroller, “And then we saw this rattlesnake, so we stopped.”

I just sent my children out to frolic in rattlesnake infested territory?!

My brother JC was on scene in a matter of minutes, and the snake had it’s head blown clean off.

It was a small rattlesnake, but a rattlesnake is a rattlesnake.
Just typing the word makes me shudder. The thought of my kids getting bitten is more than I can stand.
JC is a pro at pretty much everything. Whenever I have any questions, I know between him and Dad I’ll get the right answer. It’s such a blessing, as a bit of a air head, to have such smart men around.
Having skinned many-a-snake in his life, my brother set right to skinning the rattlesnake. He had blown it’s head off, see, for TWO purposes.
#1) To get rid of the fangs.
#2) To spare the skin.

He’s going to mount it on a board. He’s done it before, I know. Pictures to come on that -it’s really something to see.

The body of snake was too small to anything with but toss it in the bushes -which is what we did (thank goodness).

Dear children,
Mommy is going to invest in a giant plastic bubble which you will be required to wear anytime you walk out the door. I’ll get rid of it only after cold and flu season, when the threat of the rattlesnake will be something of a distant memory and all the contagious sickness have died down.
Aren’t you glad you have someone who CARES so much for you?


  1. I ate “doggy doo doo” for breakfast this morning and I thought of you guys! :)

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