Freeze Trip

The weather report yesterday told us there was a chance it might freeze during the night. I haven’t been able to see much of my husband lately, and when we finally were able to get together and pick our garden produce, it was after 9 pm. We bundled the kids up, took a few flashlights, and headed outside. We raided Dad’s muddy garden and picked corn.
Dad’s corn is the BEST in the world. The sweetest, best, and most wonderful in the world. I wasn’t about to chance losing any to a silly early freeze, and I’ve got the muddy shoes to prove it.
My husband cheered on from the sidelines. The goose only brought along his expensive, nice shoes. He made up for it by giving me a piggyback ride from his truck to my porch on account of my muddy shoes being in the BACK of his truck (this is all very Shania Twain… “you make me take off my shoes before you let me get in”).

Once we got home and I had new shoes on, we picked all of the pumpkins out of our garden save ONE -I picked one last week and baked it.
The kids had a blast in the garden late at night, but I have to say: there is nothing more creepy than a cornfield in the dead of night.

My kitchen table is currently loaded with the fruits of autumn, and I’m so GRATEFUL for our garden this year. I’m sure you’ve all noticed the increased food prices, and while I’m not one to sing doom and gloom, I will say this: our garden saved our tail this year. I’m not able to put aside as much as we usually do for winter, but I know we’re going to be just fine. Today is a day of laundry and freezing produce -something so simple but SO necessary. In a few months, I know I’ll be extremely relieved that I spent a day in fall like a squirrel, storing the nuts of life.

The best part isn’t the storing away.
It isn’t the planting.
It most DEFINITELY isn’t the weeding.
OR the watering.
It’s watching the kids pick.

There was nothing sweeter that caking my shoes in mud and watching my little boy wearing his big, fat winter coat with his shorts and cowboy boots, walking in the bright lights of the truck headlights, carrying an ear of corn in each hand…
There really is something absolutely magical about little ones -the way you almost believe when you look in their eyes that life is easy, simple, and that all you need to be happy is a pumpkin planted and grown by a good daddy all ready for the picking.

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