Sometimes Country Livin’ Ain’t So Simple

What do you do the minute you start to feel cruddy?  I don’t know about you, but I start rifling through the herbs in my herb hoard.  I was surprised to come across this:


Something my husband had bought while away at training.  This stuff… is pure magic. Don’t take that to mean it’s pleasant. It’s definitely medicinal, and it gave me bad breath from sun up to sun down and then some. With 360 mg of garlic clove in it, it’s no wonder. The bottle asked me to take three twice a day, so I did. And you know what? I was flat on my back for one solid day, and today I’m only partially on my back! I’ll take it! I will TAKE that. Want to know why? I mean, aside from the obvious “I just want to feel good” part.
I have SO much to do!

This is my favorite time of year for several reasons:
Candy Corn
Trent’s Birthday
Fresh Garden Produce
The County Fair
Football Games

The last four, by the way, are happening tomorrow. And guess what makes that even MORE awesome? I’ve got to somehow pry myself OFF the couch and into the shower and into some clothes and DO MY SHOPPING.
Today’s To-Do list looks something like this:

Clean Kitchen
Sterilize jars
Can Jalapenos
Go Shopping (preferably in the city because I need to find a way to make a Toy Story Cake AND I need Sam’s Club)
Clean the kids’ mattress. Again.
Plan our Sharing Time for Primary

Oh yeah, and cook meals. But that’s easy, right? No problem, right?

It will all work out. It will all be okay. Want to know why?
I have magic herbs.

AND I have the cutest son in the ENTIRE world who makes me want to absolutely do anything just to see him smile, even if it means tromping out-of-doors with my pockets filled with Kleenex and a few ounces of courage.

My life is usually so simple.
But today? The Country isn’t all it leads on to be… it’s secretly hectic.

Now if you’ll excuse me: my Amish baked oatmeal is just coming out of the oven, and it’s got my name on it. Literally. Tia actually had my name put on the pan I cooked it in.
Tia is awesome.


  1. I put your name on that pan so you wouldn’t give it away. :P Hopefully you’re feeling better!

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