Roger Ramjet

My Dad called me up last night and asked if the kids would like to come up and watch “Roger Ramjet.”

I told him I had never heard of it.
Have you?

Dad sang the theme song for me which, while entertaining, didn’t clue me in at all… I had never heard of it. After the kids cleaned their room, we headed up to watch.
We all laughed so hard -the humor in it is classic.

In the middle of the show, the girl was asked to take off her Grandpa’s boots. This might seem insignificant to you, but to US -those of us raised under Dad’s roof -it really means something. Dad used to pay us a quarter a boot to take his boots off. Now we’ve jumped a generation.
And due to inflation, the laborer now gets $1 a boot.
It’s hard work… not to be taken lightly. If done right, it can exhaust you!

Now go pop a proton pill and fight some crooks!
My daily crooks today are disguised as laundry, dishes, a dirty floor, and a basin full of jalapeno peppers waiting to be canned.

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