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Yesterday the kids and I were putting of doing chores googling Halloween costumes.  After we looked through innumerable princess and super hero costumes, the kids lost interest but I didn’t!  I googled the snot out of couples, my head positively spinning with costume ideas.

Here’s what I came up with… which do you like best?  I’ll tell you at the end which one my husband decided we should go with.
Cleopatra and Marc Antony:
Seeing as how I’ve never seen “Cleopatra” I’m not actually sure if that is Marc Antony with her… but I imagine the costuming would be the same.

Boonie and Clyde:
Methinks we’re not skinny enough.

JKF and Jackie:
Every time I look at her hair, I think of John Travolta dressed as a woman saying, “I like to believe her hair is naturally stiff.”

PHANTOM!… and that girl he sings with.

Sandy and Danny from “Grease.”
I would, of course, go with her “lousy with virginity” look and NOT her skin-tight black skin suit look. Can you imagine what I’d look like in that? EW! No! Stop thinking about it.

Scarlett and Rhett:
I just want an excuse to make that dress, in all honesty.

American Gothic. This was my first choice.
I actually wanted to get engagement pictures done like this, but my husband is, you know, normal and all that.

At the end of the day, I presented each of these ideas to my husband. And do you know which one he picked?

Johnny and June; unlisted.

And so it goes with our relationship. I spend too much time making things harder than they need to be and my husband comes along and BLAM-O! Fixes everything with the best possible answer that I would have never thought of.
Also: my husband will make a smashing Johnny Cash.
We’re going to start rehearsing “Jackson.” Look out.
AlsoAlso: we’re officially on the prowl for a cheap guitar on account of we don’t want to use our nice ones to prance around town in. If you hear of one, let us know.


  1. I like American Gothic. I think it would be fairly simple to come up with the costumes. Rhett and Scarlett would be cool, but that would be some dress to come up with! (unless you wanted to make it out of your drapes just like she did!)


  2. The American Gothic option made me lol. So, that’s my vote! haha. But John and June is sooo adorable. And the costumes would be so super vintage and fun to come up with–I can’t wait to see your hair! What a killer idea.

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