Monsters are Real and Very Scary

At night, we do scripture reading. Lately, we’ve been streaming New Testament scripture stories on youtube. They’re the same stories I enjoyed as a kid -only these have been made into videos. As soon as we watch a few clips and discuss them, the kids always beg to watch Julian Smith videos.

I had NO idea what that video would be about -needless to say it scared the diapers off my kids.
“I want to watch monsters again,” my daughter said, shaking.
“No,” I said.
“I don’t like monsters,” she said, “We can watch it again. We can. But I don’t want to. I don’t want to watch it.”
“It wasn’t a monster. Someone just played dress-up and dressed like a monster to be silly,” I said.
“But I don’t want to be a monster for Halloween!” She cried out.
“What do you want to be?”
“Snow White!”
“What color is her dress?” I asked.
“I don’t know!” She crumpled into a ball.
“Blue and yellow… it will be so fun to make.” I said.
“NO! We just -we just…” her lip began quivering, “We just needa BUY it at Wal-Mart!”
“But think how much fun it would be to make!”
“OR I could be a monster…” she said.

At this point, I realized that she was beyond tired.

“I could be a grey bunny monster and I could say ‘rwar!’ and scare every body!” She smiled.
“Yeah, what would grandpa say?”
“He would just say ‘AHHHHHH!’ like that.”
I turned to Trent and asked him what he wanted to be.
“I don’t like munnsters,” He said, “I wanna be Iron Man for Halloween.”
I turned back to Lacy.
“I don’t want to be a monster!” She cried. “I don’t LIKE Halloween! I think I will be sick. My head…” she put her hand on her forehead, “My head is getting so warm.”
“No, it’s not.” I chuckled, “But that’s fine. You don’t have to go to the big Halloween party.”
“Party?” She took her hand down from her forehead.
“Yeah, there’s a bunch of GAMES and KIDS and CAKE… and then after the party we go trick or treating and we knock of everyone’s houses and they give us candy. So much candy! But you can stay home with Daddy and rest in bed because you’re sick. I’ll just take Trent to the party with candy and then we’ll go trick or treating without you.”
She thought about that for a minute and then she said…
“I can be a pink monster…”
“That would be so fun!” I gushed.
“But then I would be so scary…” her voice started quivering and building higher and higher as she spoke, “And then I would knock and then every one would run away because they would be so scared and I wouldn’t get any CANDY!”
And the dam in her eyes broke.
Tears spilled everywhere. She got up from the couch and fled into her room to fling herself on her bed (Belle style). Once there she sobbed.
And sobbed.
Oh, the HORROR of being such a SCARY PINK MONSTER that you SCARE EVERYONE and then you WON’T GET ANY CANDY!
It’s too much.
It’s too much.

Let’s just skip the whole idea this year, shall we?


  1. There is no drama with that girl at all!!! haha I’m sorry, poor girl, but it’s so funny.

  2. Ha ha ha!!!

  3. Steve - the brother says:

    Oh the things she SAYS! She’s such a fun little thing. I can’t wait to see how Halloween plays out.

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