Play Day

This year for my birthday, I wanted to go out to eat with my family. My husband suggested we wait until the weekend and we’d all go into the city to make a day of it. That sounded GREAT to me because my sister (bless her heart) introduced me to the best Greek restaurant in Flagstaff (possibly the world), and I was all in favor to eat there with my family.
As we were seated, Lacy promptly pulled her napkin out and tucked it in her shirt.
We all giggled at her, and embarrassed she said, “It’s what they do in the movies!” I pulled the camera out and she immediately pulled her napkin down.
“No!” I said, “I want a picture!” But she was embarrassed. Naturally, I made her Dad tuck his napkin in too so she wouldn’t feel so silly about it.

Such well-behaved and wonderful patrons!

And then there’s us:

And then there’s them:

And then there’s us:

And then there’s Lacy:
Isn’t there always Lacy?

After an amazing lunch, we headed downtown to the downstairs Aveda salon so I could buy some Glossing Straightener (the one on my wishlist!) and some super shades for $7.
And when I say “super” I mean “super huge.”
In 13 years, my kids will find these sunglasses in a bin and make fun of me.
Har, har… look at me. I’m a bug from 2010. Har, har…

They don’t make fun of my now though. In fact they want to BE me which is both flattering and downright darling:
Is there anything sweeter than how upside down his shades are?
Just for fun:
Speaking of my wish list… I also got to shop:
I came away with all of the supplies to make (what else?) MORE cake plates!
I think I may just have a problem.

After Goodwill, we rewarded the kids for their good behavior by letting them gawk at rats:
Who is luckier than our kids? I ask you!

At Sam’s Club, we ran into my Aunt Lil aka the kids’ most favoritest auntie in the whole wide world… and she offered to take them home with her!
As a result, Danny and I got 2 hours of alone time (one of which was spent driving, but still). He enjoyed having me at his side and never leaving it.
No matter what his mouth said… he enjoyed it.

And here’s a snap shot of the vintage purse I snagged at the clothing drop off. FREE goodies!
And the skirt was free.


  1. First of all: Happy Birthday! It looks like you all really know how to celebrate.
    Second of all: That last picture of darling Lacy is too much :) She is such a gorgeous little girl!

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