Valiant Effort

I tried -I really did -to come up with 50 more funny thing. But here’s the deal:

Yesterday, we had turkey for Sunday dinner. I pulled a bag of frozen turkey (Thanksgiving leftovers) out of the freezer and we had turkey sandwiches and salad. I dipped my sandwich in BBQ sauce. It was delicious. My son asked if he could have some BBQ sauce on his plate. I gave him some. I asked my daughter if she would like some BBQ sauce. She shook her head no. A little while later, my daughter was dipping her sandwich in BBQ sauce (which was on her own plate) and saying, “Oh, wow. Yum!”
“Where did you get the BBQ sauce?” I asked.
My kids looked at me with wide eyes.
“You JUST gave me some, Mom,” my daughter said.

I have no recollection of ever doing it.
I also have no recollection of ever getting my baby out of her bed last night, but I must have. Because she wasn’t in her bed when she woke up twice last night.

She wakes up at least twice every night.

I can function, sure. But my box is short one crayon, if ya know what I mean.

I wake up to this every morning, so it makes up for the parts of my life I’m living now that I apparently won’t remember later today:

She thinks I’m funny.

I snapped this picture late last night, and I love it. Sisters are the very BEST! I’m so grateful Alice and Lacy have a sister… and I’m excited to watch them grow up and fight and love and go shopping and make fun of their parents:

Girls are the best. Boys are the best.
Even when they look like Megamind:

Anyway, I’m sorry about only making it to 50. As my brain slowly returns to normalcy, I will post more hilarity.
I actually have a pretty cute video of us scaring our baby. Don’t judge until you see how cute it is.
Which you will just as soon as I remember to ask my husband to take the video off his phone and put it on the computer… which will probably take about six months.

Today, the barn behind my house is covered in snow which means after the house is picked up and the laundry is folded, I will make cinnamon rolls.
(There’s a small chance the picking up and laundry might also take six months):

Now… my eye candy. There’s nothing sweeter (or sexier) than this man and his love for his babies:

And before I forget (because apparently I WILL), Happy #112 to my great-grandmother Alice:

If you were here, I’d visit you with my baby girl. You’d love her to pieces.

(PS: Pumpa is one good-lookin’ soldier boy.  You have good taste.)

10 Blogs

I have blogs I go to when I need to laugh -and there’s a few that never let me down. I wonder if the authors feel pressure to BE FUNNY at all times. I don’t know.
Sometimes it isn’t entire blogs that make me laugh so much as it is a few posts they’ve written.
In no specific order:

#1) The Snuggie Text post by It Just Gets Stranger. This post slaughters me every. dang. time. Read it and you’ll see why.

#2) Awkward Family Photos is always up and ready for surfing… it never lets me down.

#3) Middle-Aged Mormon Man is great. While every single post isn’t always funny, every single post is always worth a read. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Mormon or not -someone with a good sense of humor who writes is always worth reading, no matter their religious beliefs.

#4) I first started blogging in 2005 (gosh, has it been that long?) and I used to frequent a blog written by a Brit (I’m assuming). The blog is written cleverly, and I shouldn’t like it… because the author dedicated the blog to listing reasons why she hated her flatmate. The more recent posts (the last in 2009, so I’m using the word “recently” pretty loosely) are not written by the original author. It’s obvious, so scroll to the 2005-2006ish era. Click HERE to read some from 2005.

#5) This website actually makes fun of Mormon-y culture-y things… and although the author doesn’t keep it up anymore, I sometimes go back and read over posts and laugh so hard I nearly wet m’self. It’s a fictional blog. I have to explain that, see, because some people didn’t get it. It’s written by TAMN (Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole) and she’s ridiculously skinny (even while pregnant with twins that have weird names with even weirder spellings). There’s all kinds of slang and misspelled words… and there’s just so much awesomeness on it that I wish she were still writing it! It gives me a good laugh. Click HERE. And yes: she’s a huge Twilight fan.

#6) If you’re a mother (stay at home or not) you’ll appreciate THIS post by Alex at Lateenough.

#7) My friend, Laurie, recommended THIS post to me after I wrote about placenta encapsulation. I love it.

#8) The next two posts come to you from Laurie herself. Click HERE to read about her thoughts on Edward Cullen. It’s about one minute worth of reading and one lifetime worth of laughing.

#9) Here Laurie details a date she went on. I dare you to top this story. Read it HERE.

#10) I’m realizing the amount of Mormon humor I have stuffed in my mental archives *might* not be the healthiest. But as long as its there, let’s share. This one is really worth taking a look at. Click HERE to be amazed!

I’ll list ten more when they come to me.
Which, hopefully, will be tonight and tomorrow. This whole “groups of 20″ is harder than you might think. Zeriously.

20 Videos

I hope you’ve got some time today, friend. Because these videos are well worth a watch -at least they are to me. You might watch them and divorce me on grounds of “she’s a weirdy.”
But give them a chance.
In no particular order:

#1)”There’s a hidden valley ranch party in MY mouth… write that down.”

#2) “Ew, let’s do it.” The only thing better than this video is hearing my kids quote it.

#3) “I’m readin’ a book, pig.” Haven’t we all felt this way at one point or another? I haven’t felt that way in a long time… getting interrupted while reading is pretty much standard around here. I roll with it.

#4) “Two taco salads for the ladies…”

#5) “I’m an aduuuuult!”

#6) “Move your boogie body!”

#7) This one was sent to me a while ago from my bestie, Tia.

#8) I think this one was recommended by Tia as well… there’s always something about a good fall:

#9) “It’s dramatic but less ghetto.”

#10) Try not to smile. I DARE you:

#11) “You sneaky MOM!”

#12) This one always makes me smile…

#13) It’s ten minutes long, but I’m 7 weeks post partum, and it was 10 minutes WELL spent. I was NOT exaggerating when I told you I was going to die, babe.

#14) “What are you stupid, Bill?!”

#15) Not my favorite NPR skit, but it will do. And before you watch: get your mind out of the gutter.

#16) Okay, this video was sent to me by a friend and I wanted to save it for my list of 20 things my readers sent my way, but I am seriously OUT of funny videos. I thought it would be easier to find 20 funny videos, but it isn’t! Try it. I double dog dare you.
I laughed so hard through this video. Be carefolo.

#17) I can’t get enough of one talking on the phone full voice while the other is talking to the reporter full voice… “fire in the belly!”

#18)”Always here to tell you ’bout a new disease…”
It won’t let me post it here, but you can watch it HERE.

#19) This one came my way from my brother, Steve. The more I watch it, the more I laugh. It’s ridiculous.

#20) Tia recommended this one to me. You should all be facebook friends with Tia and Steve. They’re the best. I means it.

Okay, it took me about 5 days to put that list together. Youtube is seriously distracting.