Broken Hearts

We are deep feelers in our house. We’ve staked our house out as a SAFE ZONE for emotions because we all feel them lots and deep and loud. I do, Danny do’s, and the kids?

Last night, I went to bed early. Danny came in to visit before I shut my eyes and we were about 5 minutes into a conversation when we heard WAILS from the living room. We thought someone was hurt. Trenton was REALLY upset. Tears were streaming down his face.
Danny ran to the living room and then I remembered.
Oh yeah… the kids were watching a BBC version of “Robin Hood”, and I had read ahead (because I do that -I like to know where I’m going to end up, okay?) and found out that Maid Marian dies at the end of season 2. And they were watching the last episode in Season 2.

Minutes later, Trenton was under my arm.
“I HATE THAT SHOW,” he said, “and I hate the guy who killed her and I hate the Sheriff and I don’t want to watch it anymore!”
I hugged him and bit my lip. He was so upset and I couldn’t help but be touched by how cute it was.
“He’s not the only one…” My husband came down the hallway with our 8-year old in front of him.
“SHE DIED!” Lacy’s tears matched Trenton’s.
And then, on cue, Alice started in.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

We talked through it, said family prayers, and then I woke up this morning to find Lacy thus:
She had stayed up to pencil her feelings out. It was adorable, and I’m so proud of her for GETTING HER FEELS OUT instead of shoving them down like I have been known to do.

1202150715bAnd I solemnly swear that Lacy Gayle has my full heart.


  1. That is adorably sad! But awesome that you got the pictures. You’ll need that for her wedding video someday. :)

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