I don’t think I told you that our grey cat died.
Of pneumonia.

My little Lacy was holding him as he took his last breath. She’s actually witnessed the death of three animals in her life (two birds and one cat). It seems like a lot for a little six year old, but it makes sense. She’s an animal girl. She loves them. They love her. I love watching it all unfold.

After Spatsy died, we got another kitten named Crissy. And then Fluffy had kittens and when we went to the pediatrician a few weeks ago this happened:
“Do you have any pets?” Asked the pediatrician who was more interested in getting Trenton to hold still than she was in his answer.
“Yeah! YEAH! Two birds and a fish and SIX CATS!”
Well, it’s true.
You can’t argue with cold, hard facts.

But I’ve neglected to share a few more additions to our home with you. I’ll get the worst over with first. And I’m going to be honest with you outright… this frog is now dead, so don’t get attached.

Three cheers for Trenton’s frog hunting skills though! Like his mother, he isn’t gifted with the natural ease and comfort with anything with more than two legs and/or wings.

We also added a beautiful dog that I love. I hope we get to keep him -time will tell! I’m not even going to try and tell you not to get attached because this baby is adorable. He’s made me a dog lover. Sometimes I just look out the window and stare at him. He’s gorgeous and he doesn’t bark and he loves me just the way I am.

Isn’t he lovely?

Moving on…
I’ve also taken on a pirate.
We call her Pudding Beard.

She’s NOTORIOUS for getting licorice drunk.

And in case you haven’t picked up on it… I’ve also added a slew of super heroes to my brood. Last night I camped out with Captain America and a few Cary Grant movies.
(yes I said “a few” it turns out I’m notorious for getting movie drunk. I’m of age, so don’t you judge me.)

If you’d like to come and see our new additions, you’re more than welcome.
HOWEVER, please keep in mind that the frog is dead. The dog may not stay. The pirate is cantankerous. And I have pink eye.

Carry on.


  1. Love everything about this.
    And you.
    Can I tell you just how much I wish you didn’t have pink eye right now, so I could just come over and talk and cry and eat and bake and clean with you all day and not worry about my own house?
    Miss your face.
    Thank you for your text. It was much needed.

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