Have You Seen…?

I don’t know whether to classify my interest in movies as addiction or passion.
I imagine it’s a pretty blurry line for all of us when it comes to our indulgences (chocolate, anyone?).
My baby -my sweet six week old -is a fussy baby. She’s not nearly as fussy as her older sister was, AND the magic of it all is that I can actually get her to STOP fussing simply by holding her. Her sister wasn’t so nice to me. She cried no matter when, no matter when, no matter no matter no matter.
Miss Alice will actually cry REAL TEARS if left alone long enough. You’ve never felt guilt so REAL as when you come up to your fussy baby -who you’ve left to fuss for a while so you can eat or shower or powder your nose -and tears are streaked down her perfect little cheeks.
It’ll tear your heart right out.

Anyway, I don’t mind spending extra time holding her. It gives me a chance to kiss her chubby cheeks and feed her whenever her lips smack and remind her that someday Mommy will need someone to take care of HER when she’s too old to feed herself (speaking of real guilt).
And I’ve been able to watch a few movies. Okay, a lot movies.
I’ve watched most of Catherine Cookson’s movies on Netflix (rather, the movies that were made based on the books she wrote). They’re all historical fiction (which I love) and all end up having some weird plot twist that doesn’t make any sense (which I hate).
I’m all for feel-good predictability when it comes to entertainment.
In one of her movies, the main character is a woman who eventually falls in love with a man who raped and impregnanted her. I call foul. FOUL! Especially because she had a man who was in LOVE with her AND better looking.
I’ve been heavily let down by Downton Abbey for much of the same reasons (historical fiction? YAY! Weird plot twists? NAY!), and I’m not looking forward to the next season at all. Not even a little.
But BBC has not wholly forsaken me.
I absolutely LOVE “Call the Midwife.”

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You can watch the Christmas Special HERE.
It is so real -so true to life -so wonderful. Every episode I’ve watched has strengthened my faith. It’s not a Christian show, but it is about babies, and where there are babes, there must also be love. And where there is love like that, there is also faith.
Please don’t watch it if the idea of watching a baby being born makes you skittish, squirmish, or sick.
Because there’s a lot a babies being born.
The series is based on a trilogy of books written by Jennifer Worth (who describes her years working as a midwife in 1950’s East End, London).

On Netflix Instant Streaming, you can watch Miss Palfrey at the Claremont.

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This movie.
If you only enjoy movies with gripping plots, don’t bother with this one. If you watch movies because you fall in love with the people in them, this one is definitely worth watching! It had me laughing so hard I was snorting. Whoever was in charge of casting the rolls for this movie is a genius. The acting is great, and this is the ONLY movie I’ve ever seen that actually creates chemistry between a young man and an old woman and makes it believable! The two fall in love with each other, but not in a gross way… in a caring way. They never kiss or anything like that -there’s virtually no romance in the movie (except that one scene where the main male character -who played Whickam in the newest version of Pride and Prejudice -and his girl friend take a “nap” together in the afternoon. Don’t worry. It’s a short nap. I went to fast forward it, and it was over before I could even raise the remote).
There’s no romance between them -just thick chemistry. I’m going to watch it again, and BRAVO to Netflix for adding more movies that are worthwhile.

I’m careful with foreign films because they seem to be more… okay with nakedness. I’m not all about that. Watching babies be born? I can do that. Watching naked people do… stuff? Count me out.
Even this onsie I found at Wal-Mart grossed me out a little:


I loved this French Film (also found on Netflix):

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There was no foreign-film naughtiness. I mean, she DOES get pregnant. But the “stuff” is all implied.
I hope you understand that I have to skirt around the word that starts with “s” and rhymes with “hex” because people will search horrible explicit things and wind up on my site -and then I get horribly explicit spam comments.

The Well Digger’s Daughter is written so well -you just fall in love with the widowed father of five daughters. He’s downright adorable without trying to be.
His second daughter becomes pregnant (out of wedlock, pre WWII) and he does his best to disown her out of duty. But loves her so much… It’s fun to watch it all play out. WELL WORTH a watch if you can stand reading the English subtitles… which I can.
I’m trying to get my husband on board with the idea. He would LOVE the movie. It’s also worked out great that I could just read the subtitles and know exactly what was going on… because I have two young kids and a fussy baby.

I also started watching “My Strange Addiction” on Netflix, but I had to quit after a few episodes because it just made me feel grimy. I think the point of the show is to make you point fingers at people and judge them for their weird addictions… who wants to waste valuable entertainment time doing THAT? I mean, I’ve yet to meet someone who can watch “Hoarders” for hours on end. Want to know why? It makes you feel grimy.
No one enjoys feeling grimy.
And anyway, you can only watch Hoarders for one hour -tops -before you start scrubbing your own house.

I think I might need to watch Hoarders today…

Lastly, if you need a date night movie and don’t mind inappropriate jokes (and language), definitely check out Pitch Perfect.  It’s one of those chick flicks that men don’t mind (Two Weeks Notice is also on that list, by the way). Don’t tell him I told you, but I actually married a guy who enjoys the occasionally chick flick -so long as it’s got a good dose of humor (The Notebook is NOT on that list.  Sweet Home Alabama, Return to Me, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days are on that list).

Just please: put the kids to bed first… the language is awful.  And there’s a shower scene with American-style nakedness.



  1. Ok, now I’m dying(figuratively) to watch Pitch Perfect! However…I’m up to my neck(literally) getting ready for an exam, of which I have one every other stinking week this semester.

  2. WOOOOOOOO. I’ve been looking for new things to watch.

    Also, did you see The Artist yet? Did you love it?

  3. Hi – I’m not sure where I found your blog, but I love it, and have been reading it for quite some time. There are a couple movies that I love that would be right up your alley, if you haven’t already seen them: Waking Ned Devine and Calendar Girls. Both are clean and adorable!

    • storylady says:

      I haven’t seen either! Thanks for the suggestions -I’ll check them out. I’ve heard of Waking Ned Devine, but I’ve never seen it… thanks!!!

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