I’ve only ever met ONE person who has made and kept New Year’s Resolutions. He was one of my professors in college, and his resolutions were always a little… out there.
Spend three days straight on my roof.
Walk the state of Arizona from top to bottom.

But he DID them.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because I find change is more of an internal thing that can’t be timed… just because a year has changed doesn’t mean I’m going to. I can TRY to FORCE it, but it never seems to work out and my timing has NEVER coincided with the changing of the year.

I once resolved -about 15 years ago -to make my bed every day. That lasted clear into March which I think, for a New Year’s Resolution, is a pretty good run.

This year I’ve decided to give the Resolution Thing a try again, but I’m doing something a little different.
I have an unfortunate tendency to create conversation fodder out of other people’s lives… it’s like I refuse to believe that there’s anything interesting to talk about except other people.
It isn’t like I’m constantly saying mean or back-stabbing things… but it’s depressing unto me that I can’t seem to find enough depth within my soul to talk about anything other than
Other People.
Or myself, which just makes me downright Narcissisy.

The first step to change, you may or may not know, is not a DESIRE. It’s simply recognizing you have a problem.
Already, I’m there. Step one to change? DONE!

I’ve decided that every time I say something negative about someone else to fuel conversation, I’m going to go online and read an entire wikipedia article.
THAT way, next time I’m in conversation, I’ll have something interesting to talk about. I can’t simply resolve to STOP talking about other people. I’ve got to replace my conversation fodder.

It’s January 5th, and I’m three articles behind.

At this point in time, I’ll be taking your suggestions: Things to Wikipedia. I tend to lean toward wikipedia-ing people, which isn’t WHOLLY bad and doesn’t go against my resolution.
Because talking about Goethe isn’t exactly the same as talking about the neighbors.
But I need to broaden my horizons, so I put it to you, Good Person.
What would you have me know?
In the meantime, here’s a few pictures that are dear to my heart:

(Uncle Steve with Lacy)


  1. You inspired me (not to become a better person, sadly) to go check out Wikipedia. I recommend reading about Disneyland, because it’s happy, and there are a lot of interesting offshoots. (like how Doritos were first made in the park!) Then I recommend watching the “1955 Disneyland Opening Day [Complete ABC Broadcast]” on Youtube, because I’m doing it now, and it’s fun. :)

  2. I like to read the section on the homepage about things that happened this day how ever many years ago. I never have luck getting a good random article, but I’m always looking medical/nursing stuff up on there. Not sure that would be a read you would enjoy though lol.

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