Fit For a Queen

A few days ago, my son was sitting at the table with a toilet paper roll (empty) and his pencil box. He had no idea I was paying attention to him.
“Decorating,” he was sing-songing, “Decorating for the Queen. Alice is! the QUEEN of our house!”
His sister was sitting next to me on the couch, holding said Queen.
The boy came over and crowned her.

Lacy told him it didn’t fit. I quickly righted her -it fit PERFECTLY. Don’t you think?
Later on that day, the boy went searching for the crown again. He couldn’t find it anywhere.
“I threw it away, Trent,” his older sister said, matter-of-factly.
His expression was one of pure HORROR.
“You’re kidding wiff me?” He said, his voice so full of hope you could practically reach out and grab it.
“No,” she shook her head, “Trent. It didn’t FIT.”
He burst into tears. She was confused. I did my best to explain to her exactly how Trent felt -how she’d taken something that wasn’t hers. Once she understood the gravity of it, she rushed to the trash.
“I didn’t put it in the trash,” she said, “I put it BY the trash in a box…” Her voice trailed off as she realized that her Dad had taken all of the trash -and the boxes by the trash -to the dump.
“Oh, no!” She cried out, bursting into tears herself, “IT IS AT THE DUMP AND ALL SMASHED NOW!”
I had two wailing kids and one calm infant who couldn’t care less whether she was sporting a toilet paper roll or not.
“What should you do to make it better?” I asked my daughter.
“I CAN’T! I can’t make it better!” Oh the theatrics!
“Yes, you can… think.”
“I could make a new one, I guess… I could help make a new one but I don’t have anything like HE did to make one just LIKE it!”
It took some convincing, but I finally had them kids satisfied with a stack of construction paper and a roll of scotch tape.
The results?
Lacy came up with three crowns, fit for The Queen.

In the time that Lacy made three crowns, Trenton was able to come up with one. It’s pretty adorable:

Alice definitely is lucky to be living with her siblings. Despite their constant fighting (as of late), they’re pretty awesome.

And readers, please, think TWICE before throwing out your crowns… you never know what kind of drama you might be causing.
They SMASH things at the dump, you know…


  1. Ashley Madsen says:

    haha… Love Trent’s 2nd crown. Alice is definitely being pampered like a queen over there. Crowns all around!

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