Baby Bumpin’

I let my vanity get in the way of my son’s pregnancy. I didn’t take ANY pictures because I thought I looked fat and yucky and bleck. Wait. I took ONE. Here it is. Prepare to be unimpressed. Here’s me at 34 weeks with my boy inside:

After my son was born and I landed in the hospital with that awful infection (endometritis), I was told that the infection might have ruined my chances for every having children again.
I immediately thought of my lack of pictures. I had let my stupid vanity get in the way of something much more precious: memories. What if I never had the chance to be fat and tucky and bleck again? What if I never brought another screaming little miracle into the earth again? What if my stomach never bounced with alien hiccups? What if my ribs never got kicked from the inside?
What if morning sickness was a thing of the past -along with ultrasounds and diapers and baby’s first… everything?

It wasn’t fun news for me. Of course it wasn’t a sure thing. The Dr. didn’t look in my eyes and say, “Never, EVER!” He only looked in my eyes and said, “Possibly never ever” which felt a little better. ish.

When I got my positive pregnancy test(s), I decided that this pregnancy would be one for the picture books. I snapped pregnancy pictuers like nobody’s business. I took a video of my belly moving in unnatural ways. I hired someone to take pictures of my family around my belly.
I did my best to take weekly belly shots to track my progress! I even took pictures to announce our pregnancy.

And here’s a collage of some of my pictures. They aren’t all picture perfect. Most of them are taken in front of my dirty bathroom mirror.

The baby still has no name. I feel for her, I really do. We had our other kids named before they were born, but with this one… nothing FEELS right. We’re going to have to look into her eyes before we know. Unless she’s a boy. If she’s a boy, we have a name all picked out and ready to go.
I went to the Dr. today and was given some good news: I’m nearly dilated to a 4.
Things are progressing which feels like a small miracle (okay a BIG miracle) because I was beginning to feel like THIS IS MY LIFE NOW. All of the baby gear I had prepped and ready to go at any given moment is seriously covered in dust.
No cob webs yet, so that’s something…
I took the picture on the left on Friday night and the picture on the right Saturday afternoon. Is it just me, or does the black and grey striped shirt magically make me look smaller? I’m hanging onto it. Magic shirts should NEVER be put into storage.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m a mess of heart burn and morning sickness and fully-grown human sitting on my saddle.
No name or not, this girl’s about to get served with an eviction notice. I have a feeling we’re going to get along MUCH better when only share the same HOUSE and not the same BODY.
Thank you, Heavenly Father, for blessing me with pregnancy again. It isn’t my favorite, but I DO love what comes of it… my kids are my greatest treasures, and I’m not just saying that because that’s what Moms are supposed to say.
I’m saying that because it’s true.
I don’t want for anything -I have what I’ve always dreamed of. And in a few days, I’ll have a little more.
Hey! It turns out housewives DO get raises! I can’t wait to cash in on mine… come on, Baby No Name!


  1. So awesome! I love the picture collage of your growing baby bump! I can’t wait for that little one to get here either! If I were in the same town I’d make us jump on the trampoline together while shouting, “Mary-Kate” and “Ashley”. That would prolly get that little one to come faster! :)

  2. I love that your baby-to-be has the greatest great aunties in all of history, and if Julie (or Juliannalisa) doesn’t feel right, then in your Aunties honor, Tia would be my name of choice, named of course, after your ” Tia Yuli”
    Inspired yet?

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