“This [Game Show] Is Gonna Make Me Famous!”

I have a friend named Beki.

Beki is a really good friend -she’s the kind of friend that everyone tries to be, but Beki succeeds on every count. She has two kids (growing number 3) and her oldest is a girl named Hailee.

Hailee and Lacy are proclaimed BEST FRIENDS. It works out well because I’ve never met two GIRLS who were more interested in catching crickets with their hands than they were playing with the two storage bins full of Polly Pockets we have sitting in the a corner in the living room.

I’ll still never forget the day Hailee chased Lacy around with a Mason Jar full of crickets, and Lacy hopped behind me for protection, “Hailee!  You’re freakin’ me out!  You’re freakin’ me out!”  Ahhh, a match made in heaven.  Really.  I think they must have chased each other around the clouds and made a pinkie promise to arrive here on earth at approximately the same time as each other AND the crickets.

They play make believe, tying each other to chairs and stealing treasure away. Hailee and Lacy are both absolutely filled to the BRIM with personality. If you ever get a chance, come sit in on one of their play dates. The memory of it will stay with you long after the day is gone.

Anyway, Beki invited us over on Monday to watch HER on The Price is Right. A few months ago, she went to a taping of the show, and she was called down. She ended up winning some pretty great stuff, and watching her is probably the most adorable thing you’ve seen since “Bambi.”
Because, I haven’t mentioned yet, she’s just about the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen.

Here’s a picture of our “watch The Price is Right” party.
There’s no pictures of the adults because we’d spent a chunk of the morning walking for health, and we LOOKED like it.
Here’s one of my walking partners… Beki:

She’s being thoughtful.
And yes, that’s a picture I took of the TV. What? Don’t you have any idea how thrilling it is to watch television and have the person ON IT be sitting right next to you offering you doughnuts?!
It sorta makes you feel like:

She told me that the day after it aired, she took her kids to McDonalds for breakfast. Three old men were sitting a few tables away. One in particular, she said, was staring at her. He made his way over to her, came close… stared… and then said, “Were you on a game show yesterday?”
She told him that she was.
He was thrilled to have met her in person.
We’re all thrilled to know Beki in person, honestly.


Beki put us on the map! And now we all know where to go if we want a rousing game of pool, especially if we’re a stay at home mom and are “going to be spending a lot of time at home.” Thank goodness! I just have my hands FULL of free time.
{sarcasm sign}
THANKS be to Laurie for posting a link to the show (she’s Beki’s sister-in-law). Please watch it. Beki’s really cute.


  1. My all-time favorite line? “I’m a domestic goddess.” The way she says it is so matter-of-fact that it makes me squeal with glee.

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