10-Day Challenge

A friends of mine is hosting a fashion challenge, and I thought it would be good for me to join up given my utter lack of fashion skillz. In high school, my entire wardrobe was furnished by Thrift and NONE of it matched, but I was prodigious proud of it.
When I met my husband, he remarked that my clothing was something he loved about me… my insane ability to wear pretty much whatever and pull it off. Once we were married, however, I became something of his pet. My husband -now this is his secret, so keep it. Won’tcha? -is remarkably good at dressing people. He can pick out a stellar outfit. He’s great with sizing and coloring and he’s all mine. I needed him desperately as a 20-year old. Thrift clothes that don’t match are fine and dandy for a teenager with a quirky sense of humor, but once that teenager marries (yes, I married as a 9TEEN year old) she needs to sort of mature out of the stage where she wears shirts that say “I dig boys in bands.”

My husband worked at a retail store, and using his discount he dressed me. By the time he left that job (2 1/2 years and one child later), I had a new wardrobe. It molded my style. While I still insist on wearing crazy clothes now and then, I’ve more or less tamed that unruly side of me that wore wrap-around red skirts with worn out cowboy hats.
Just typing that made me REALLY miss high school.
Oh, look at that. Two seconds later: I’m over it.

Anyway, I figured the fashion challenge would be good for me. It’s ten days long. Rachelle -The Woman in Charge -has listed a bunch of cue cards. We pick a card a day and using some of the cues on it, dress accordingly. Today is the first day I’ve dressed naturally. I mean: something I’d actually wear out. The last two days have been rife with grown-up dress-up time. My daughter was my photographer the past two days. My husband was suckered into it today.
I paid my daughter a quarter for each shoot, and she hated every second of it. Poor little trooper.
I didn’t pay my husband.
He’s a slave for me.

Here’s the first three days.
Day one: Bohemian, titled “BOHO” for short. It makes me sound unnecessarily loose.

I’m wearing a peasant blouse with a flowy skirt and my turquoise necklace was my mom’s. She wore it to her 8th grade graduation. It’s one of my greatest treasures. AND it was one of my best fashion accessories in high school. I made it go with everything.

Day two: Man inspired. This day was definitely the most dressy-upped. I would never dress like this for realsies, so it was fun putting it together. Also: please pretend my head isn’t there. It’s the worst part of the picture. I should have taken my glasses off, but they kind of matched the tie a little too well.

Day three: Romance. Today isn’t dressy-upped at all. Today I’m going to leave the house like this and conquer the world. Or get the shopping done. Whichever.
Ruffled blouse, ballet flats, huge flower ring, and a free skirt (couldn’t leave that out. AND the skirt has pockets. Wonder of wonders! I’m just like a woman from the 40’s!).

If you haven’t guessed already, my jewelry is made by my aunt Cat. I’m really not big into jewelry (that isn’t from my mom’s teen years), but everything Cat makes… I HAVE to have. There’s an inherent need in me to OWN it.
Here’s some more of her creations. Look to the sidebar for her etsy shop. (If you scroll down, there a “love” necklace which I now own and wear and love.)

To browse through the other ladies’ outfits, click HERE.


  1. Um…I’ve missed you. So incredibly much. And now that my computer is fixed and I got to read your blog again (for the first time in way too long), I’m really glad I at least know a little of what’s going on in your life. Can I call you? Maybe on Monday (my in-laws are in town till then)? Pweeze?

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