Who’d Think of Marryin’ an Octogenarian?

I got a letter in the mail yesterday:


I have NO IDEA how I got on THAT mailing list, but I do know this: they probably just thought I was old.

My favorite magazine is Lehman’s Product magazine. I love all of their products, American-made (sometimes Amish-made) and they all promote self-sustainability.

One of my favorite past times is crocheting my stress away.

I love to make my own everything: crackers, english muffins, bread, jam… and I like to do it from scratch.

I tend to buy old lady clothing and LOVE it. My husband has affectionately dubbed my style “old lady” and I honestly couldn’t be more pleased. My love of polyester knows no bounds.

I spend the day listening to classic country on Pandora, and I’d rather listen to old country than anything else.

I refuse to use text lingo such as “btw” and “idk” and “sa;oairwaenoaig;” and I think it somehow makes me the stuffy old English teacher who never smiles and smells like medical salve.

I’d rather wear a house dress than jeans.

I spend my laundry day watching black and whites. Turner Classic Movies is my favorite station.

So MAYBE just maybe… The Scooter Store is justified in sending me their mail. I’d better take the free mobility assessment they offered me, just in case.
I am all for self-sustainability on the cheap.


  1. haha! I just love your blog.
    and I must say, I can relate. My love for doilies, cardigans, and floral prints has landed me clumped in the “old lady” style many a time. But, I say, they’re classic. If they’ve lasted this long, it’s gotta be good. Ya know?

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