Ere I Walk

I’ve been buried alive.

I’m coming up for air under a pile of papers that need filing, bills that need calling on (where are my mail order vitamins?!), errands that need running, tasks that need doing, peppers that need pickling… the list goes on.

You know what stinks? My creativity has been absolutely slapped upside the head. It’s being a downright pout about the whole thing and has taken refuge in the uppermost corner of my brain, vowing it will NEVER COME OUT! No matter how hard I beg.

It’s a sort of grief to me that I’ve cracked my Lappy open everyday since Friday and didn’t have ANYTHING to say. Even this morning, I stared at my computer screen and thought ‘Hell has frozen over.’

I went to the city this weekend with the grand idea that I’d buy you some glossing straightener and give it away, but I decided to spend the money on a piano book full of Johnny Cash songs instead, and I hated myself for it right up until the moment I sat down and cranked out “Ring of Fire.”
I’m not going to lie -THAT felt pretty darn good.

But I WISH… that I actually made a teensy bit of money doing this. Not much -not enough to even profit from it, by golly. Just enough to pay for my monthly fee of keeping it AND buy you products I love to GIVE to you. That’s all! I mean, I really wanted to buy you some glossing hair straightener, but it would have taken one month’s piano lesson earnings, and frankly: I wanted Johnny.

I don’t have any pictures to share with you, either. And after a weekend of the county fair, a small town football game, A BIRTHDAY (for shame), a massive Toy Story Cake, and entire DAY in the city… I’ve got nothing.

And that isn’t like me AT ALL. AT. ALL!

It isn’t as if I don’t have any fodder for posting. But my creativity, as I said, slammed the door on me.
Maybe it’s hearing my pleas. Maybe it will pop back up tomorrow.
As it is: I really have a bucket load of stuff to do, and I have to log off.
Here’s to a day of doing and a few Johnny Cash breaks.


  1. I’ve been zapped by the motivational moocher too! It’s a sad day indeed when I don’t have the umph to make a card, just one (not to mention, the scrapbook supplies to do so are already out and scattered here and there). It’ll come back…..time and a good back rub are in order, STAT!

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