Leave End

Dad is back at work.
Here’s what he spent the bulk of his leave doing:

I spent it nursing, but I’ll spare you the picture-proof.

Trenton spent it dressing up like various superheroes and Zorro:

Lacy spent it working on losing her tooth -and she finally succeeded.

The Tooth Fairy didn’t have any appropriate cash, so she went to her jewelry box and pulled out a lucky penny her brother (Mike) had made for her when she was in 8th grade.
(Yes, I still had it. I’m something of a low-grade hoarder.)
The Tooth Fairy left a note explaining the penny (written with her left hand, crafty Me!) and Lacy was just THRILLED that the Tooth Fairy knew her oh-so-personally.

Alice spent it being Perfectly Alice:

And as of December 29th, has been giving us REAL BABY SMILES (and fake baby smiles, which I still sort of count because they are so cute):

She gained a pound and grew an inch -making her my fattest, happiest baby yet!

We were able to ring in The New Year!
Even though I spent it by crashing on the couch at 9.
Dad spent it looking up gun parts online.
The kids played carnival games on the PlayStation Move for THREE HOURS…

We made it through the first three weeks!
Happy New Year to you.