The Fourth

The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. I feel like maybe I’m a rotten kind of Christian for not holding Christmas in reserve as My Favorite Holiday, but if I said that… I’d be lying. Christians shouldn’t lie, for crying out loud. We should try not to anyway. Honesty is always best.
I love the Fourth.
There’s something about the spirit of the country that makes my heart swell up and want to burst… there’s a vibrant sense of unity, and I just relish it.
The media blasts headlines that lead us to believe that America isn’t The Great anymore, but if we could get a REAL look inside our country -meaning if we could get past what the media is dishing out to us every morning on our news reels, we would find hope in our country.
I’m not here to say that our sense of National Pride is equal to what it once was in, say, 1946. I’m here to say I believe with all my heart it’s better than we think it is. It’s better than we’re led to believe, and there are more people our there heart sick over the direction our National Pride as taken than we realize.

There’s still a fight left in us yet. There’s a deep, welling pride that hasn’t passed away with The Great Generation -who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life.
Can you even wrap your mind around what our Founding Fathers DID for us? It’s mind blowing to think of our early militia men fighting against Britain’s great regiments, who -unlike us -had training, supplies and scores of men.
But we came off victorious.
It reminds me of the bumblebee, who by all sense of science should not be able to fly but does anyway. The bumblebee couldn’t care less if it shouldn’t be able to fly. It’s survival depends on it -so it flies.
The American People’s Spirit NEEDED ¬†independence, so they obtained it at any cost. And I might add: at great cost. ¬†A great nation has been built on their foundation.
I can feel it cracking, breaking… and I know for certain that the cracks in the Nation’s Foundation are not the result of natural wear and tear. They have been intentionally made by those in power, they’re metaphorically armed with jackhammers and safety goggles. Can’t you see them?
“We The People” is presently being ground to pieces… “The People” slowing becoming beaten beyond recognition.
As I read political headlines, I can’t count how many times I’ve asked The Great Void, “Did The People have any say?”
Lincoln fought The Civil War for one reason only: to PRESERVE the Union. It seems ironic, but it was the only way to preserve the Union. He knew it, and he moved bravely forward despite the bloody future he knew was imminent. Today we have States fighting against Congress.
We are losing our political unity.
But our Spirit? It isn’t half dead yet.
July 4th, 2012 brings with it an election year when The American Spirit rears it’s majestic head, and we’re reminded by the combined effort of voters that We Care.
We care about our future, our children, and most importantly: our freedom, the loss of which would be beyond devastation and of which we are slowly beginning to feel.
Our hearts break, but hope is not lost for in every spirited American, there is a deep love that will trump any headline out there: a love for America and everything She represents.
I’m Proud.

I Broke Your Grower

Last week, I hugged my children.
This isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I often hug my children, but this time was different in one way: I broke their growers.
“I wish you could stay this size forever,” I said and then proceeded to squeeze them both so hard they squealed and groaned.
“There!” I said, “I squeezed you so hard, I broke your growers! Now you won’t grow anymore! Yay!”
“I HATE THIS!” My son stomped his foot.

The game went on for the rest of the week.
“Look, Mom,” my daughter held up an empty plate, “I ate ALL my food! Now what will happen?”
“Well it will feel good in your belly,” I replied, “But it won’t help you grow. Grower’s broken? Remember?”
The week culminated in the kids staring a pile of canned spinach on their dinner plates.
“what is dis?” My son pointed at the spinach.
“Spinach,” I said, “It fixes growers if you eat it all.”
They both had seconds, and I’m happy to report their growers -which being fictional were never broken in the first place -are now fully functioning at top speed.

Okay, I’m more SAD than HAPPY to report that. Turns out my fictional time freezer is broken, and it will take more than a few helpings of spinach to fix it.