Hanging Planter Turned Light Fixture

The light hanging over my dining table is horrible.  We live in a rental, and when we moved in the first thing I said to my husband was, “That’s got to go.”  I didn’t get a “before” picture because I didn’t actually know I’d be changing out my light last night.  I only mentioned to my husband that I was thinking of doing it, and a couple hours and a BBQ later, my husband took care of everything.  I guess he enjoys DIY stuff as much as I do.  He’s much much better at it because he’s careful about things.  I’m more… carefree.

This is the lamp shade that hung over my table:

I had found this picture on the internet, and I decided I wanted to try something like it to replace the old lampshade.

Image and tutorial for this lighting fixture found HERE.

After stumbling on the above picture, I stumbled on this picture:

It’s a DIY chandelier made from a hanging garden planter and beads. I’ve seen them several places on the internet. I had a hanging planter basket in my shed gathering dust (one of the chains was broken on it and I kept promising myself I was going to fix it), but the beaded chandelier just didn’t DO it for me.
Find the tutorial HERE.

I thought to myself ‘Too bad I’m not in love with that beaded chandelier. All I’d have to buy would be the beads. I could totally buy some cheap Mardi Gras beads and spray paint them…’ And while I was thus moping, it hit me.
I could use the hanging wire basket idea with my poor pitiful garden basket!
The area was already set up for a hanging light… so I armed myself with spray paint and started tearing stuff apart. This is where my husband stepped in and completely took over. As he spray painted, he asked “Am I stealing your thunder?”
“Nope!” I said. It was nice to have him do it. I’d probably fudge it up and make it look as trashy as it actually is.
We removed all the chains from the basket and spray painted it grey. We also removed all the hanging pendant light fixture stuff that attached to the ceiling and spray painted it grey to match (it used to be a gold color).
The hanging fixture we already had fit the basket like a glove. Lucky me!
I can’t wait to change the bulb out for a big ball-shaped one.
Here’s a picture taken from my couch this morning. Don’t mind the iron off to the side. I’m doing a lot of sewing these days. Well… I’m MEANING to do a lot of sewing.

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