Garden Marks

This is my practical non-nonsense garden marker.Photobucket
I accidentally tucked the last letter of “basil” in the dirt. Anyway, that marker was tough and all, but it wasn’t purdy.
Yesterday I spent most of the day with my sister, and we joked about how much women love pretty things.
“We’re like birds,” I said, “We flit around until we see something shiny and we go nuts for it, like… ‘oooh! I need that for my nest!’”
Well, I needed these for my nest…
I bought a spoon at Savers for 25 cents, and then I hammered it mostly flat (with the help of my hubbers because when there’s bustin’ up going on, you just can’t keep boys away).
Then I steel stamped letters into it and filled the stamps in with black permanent marker. Personally, I like the letters to look a little… terrible. It gives them a sort of kitschy look.
A week from today, I’ll be pounding out spoons with my Beehives, and we’ll be stamping their names into them for them to put into the potted plants we’re going to put together.
I love cherry fabric. And red gingham fabric. And the word “kitschy.”
Spoon stamping really has endless possibilities. I just threw my spoon craft together in about 15 minutes. When I get more time, I’ll do something really amazing.

Like THIS.

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