Repurposed Apron

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before: I made an apron for myself.  Before I show it to you, I need to say a couple things.

#1) It isn’t my “dream” apron.  Not that I have a dream apron, but this one just isn’t my supreme idea of, well, cute.  I’m proud of it, but it isn’t the cutest crayon in the box.

#2) I originally planned on selling it, but by the time I had finished it I realized no one would buy it on account of it’s not being all that adorable (as aprons should be) and also I made it out of my favorite pair of overalls that I literally wore thread bare.  No matter that they were hole-filled and thin as could be, I couldn’t seem to part with them.  Now that they’ve been repurposed into an apron, I still can’t seem to part with them.  I loved those overalls.

#3) I made this apron out of my overalls and the discarded curtains from my kids’ room.  When we moved in, there was some sun-bleached curtains hanging in the kids’ room.  They were really thin and worn.  When my husband took them down (it only took us a year), he handed them to me and said, “You could make something with these.”  Truth be told, I hadn’t thought ONCE about making something out of them, but since he said it…. Check out the waistband area of the apron -it’s the top of the curtain.  I used the casing that usually holds a curtain rod to hold the ribbon I used for waist ties.


#4) I hate projects made out of jeans. I do!  I hate them!  This probably accounts for my not thinking this project is all that cute.  The only thing I hate more than projects out of old jeans is western-print bandanas mixed into the project.  I don’t mean to bring any negative energy to this post, and I will say that some people manage the task of repurposing expertly.  I’m not one of those people.  I just love overalls to pieces.  Literally.  Anyway, I wanted to add some embellishments to the apron that looked a little more feminine and soft -something far from the bandana look which I can’t pull off at’all.

So I added some lace to the bib.Photobucket
It turns out, the button holes I tied the lace through weren’t button holes at all. They were sewed up tight! I used my trusty scissors and cut through them, by jingo.
When I was done, I gathered a strip of lace and twirled it up to make a flower. I put a pearl in the middle and stitched it to the bib. Then I cut it off the bib and stitched it to the pocket.
But it felt a little naked and lonely. Bad combo.
I knotted up the ends of the ribbon and purposely frayed it. I wish I could have gotten a wider ribbon in the same color, but Wal Mart didn’t have any.
The finished product:
It looks much better live.
Not that it’s actually ALIVE.

Today I’m going to get to work on making Lacy a smaller apron that coordinates with mine. She loves matching her mama, and she loves cooking. I plan on one day making us cuter, froofier (what? it’s a word at our house) aprons, but that day probably won’t come until her bridal shower.

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