Crochet Projects

I’ve had crochet orders rolling in, and I’m so happy about it! I’m trying to squirrel away cash for my husband’s big #30 bash. Here’s a few things I’ve been making:

The elf hat is $17 -if more colors or smaller stripes are wanted, it is $22.

The flapper-style crochet hats for girls are $10. The flowers are interchangeable. The hat comes with one flower. Each additional flower is $3 (I could charge less if you’d like to sew your own buttons in the center).

The Aviator Hat (which I just LOVE!) is $15. The “goggles” aren’t stitched on, so you can take them off and put them back on as you please.
If you look close, you can see the bear hat in the front! It’s $10. I want to crochet some teeny tiny soft pink roses and bobby pin them to the ears.

In other non-hat crochet news, I bought a pattern I’ve been wanting for awhile. Crochet slippers. I made them just like the pattern suggested, and I didn’t like them as much as I thought I would. So I modified them.
The one on the right is the one I modified. I added a strap and a button, giving them a more “Mary Jane”ish look, and I DO NOT want to take them off! Seriously!
It’s Bunco tonight, and I’m going to make a pair of these babies to take away as a gift.
Lastly, I’ve been cranking out hot pads. I got my first order ever for single-color hot pads. They wanted very bold colors, and I LOVE crocheting with bold colors!
I tried putting blue and brown together.
And there’s always the burgundy and cream -a classic and a favorite!

Crochet hot pads are $10 each -they are THICK and wonderful!
Today I’m going to be making slipper and putting ears on bear hats. What I wouldn’t give for a mountain of cream-colored yarn today. A trip to the store might be in order.

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  1. Gerri says:

    Lately I have seen several (2) crocheted scripture covers try adding that to your lineup of really awesomeness projects

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