First of all, here’s the apron I made for my daughter that looks like mine.Photobucket
I used the casing where a curtain rod would normally be for the top of the apron. I ran a ribbon through it. She gets a big kick out of tightening it… loosening it… tightening it…Photobucket
She hardly took it off all day -she even wore it to the salon to get her hair cut!
She loves the flowers. She specifically requested an apron with flowers. She usually gets what she wants.

Here’s the apron I made when I finished Lacy’s apron:

I didn’t use a pattern and it ended up taking much longer than I thought it would. I was happy with how it turned out though. I just felt bad that my husband came home and the house was strewn with toys and apron embellishments.

I don’t usually choose black and white fabrics, but I really loved working with them.

The next day I made an apron for one of my Beehives who finished up a personal progress goal on cooking. I’ve told the girls that if they finish the goal to help their mothers plan a menu, cook and serve the food for TWO WEEKS that I’d make them an apron. I’ve made four aprons so far -and I’m so proud of my girls!

Today, I took the leftover fabric from the black and white apron and started piecing another one together -again, no pattern. I had no idea what it would look like, but as I worked I kept getting ideas.


It’s got the look of a baby doll dress, and it’s maternity friendly but it doesn’t scream “I’m pregnant!”
At least, I hope not. Does it? Don’t answer that…

I’m in love! I’ll definitely be making more of this style!

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  1. Laurie says:

    I wants that apron, Preciousssssss. The baby-doll one. It’s so cute it makes me squealy.

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