Cake Plates

I’ve been making tons of cake plates lately. They make my kitchen look fresher AND they make for great gifts. The best part? They’re cheap. The other best part? They’re fun to make.

I scored these uglies at Goodwill. Four plates for $3.

Using E6000 (which I just noticed today includes a warning on the label about how it may cause cancer. Say wha…?!), I glued some thrifted candlesticks to the uglies.
There’s an art to using E6000 (aside from using a face mask) you need to apply it both to the surface you’re gluing and the surface you’re gluing it to.
Let it sit on the surfaces, then press them together. Continue to apply pressure for a few minutes (it will feel longer than it will be) and then let it sit for quite a while. If you treat it right, it will work beautifully!

Once everything was held together, I coated them with primer and then a purdy yellow. For my previous cake plates, I’ve only ever painted the candlesticks, but today I went the distance and painted the whole she-bang.
Not so ugly now!

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