Cook Book Makeover

Okay, this craft is really pretty lame.  I’m sorry.  And I’m also not.  Because I giggled the entire time I made it and thought of the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where Toula pulls out the wedding planning binder her cousin decorated using her old prom (?) dress. Tomorrow for mutual, my Beehives are going to decorate binders with fabric and keep them on hand to stash recipes in as they collect them. To practice, I made over my recipe binder.
I used my well-used binder, elmer’s spray adhesive, fabric, and alphabetized tabs. Don’t mind the disorganized heap of recipes hanging out in the background.
I cut the fabric to size.
Spread newspaper over my work area, and then sprayed the front of my binder down with the spray adhesive. I pressed the fabric down and smoothed out air bubbles, and then I folded the edges under.
I left one edge raw (because I’m LAZY!) and folded the others under twice to make a closed edge.
I hot glued the edges down all around.
About this time, my husband came home from work and caught me staring at my binder.
“What now?” I asked myself, wondering what embellishments I could add to my fresh canvas of a new cookbook.
“I think it’s cute enough,” my husband said.
Silly men.
Crafts are for girls.
I alphabetized my recipes (whew!) and even went so far as to toss out the old folder I got as a Mia Maid full of recipes from my Young Women group at the time. Don’t worry -I filed the recipes before tossing the folder.
I then straightened up my cookbook cupboard and replaced my cookbook. She looked so good. I could almost hear the other cookbooks gushing over her.
“Did you do something to your hair?”
If you’re really looking for an adventure, you should try

I’ve been dying to try it since I saw it. Someday I will, but for now I’m going to have to stick with the 20-minute cookbook makeover.

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