Bridal Shower Apron

When I was in college, I saved my pennies and bought a sheer curtain thingy that I thought would be really pretty.  It actually ended up only being slightly pretty, and I later pulled it apart to make a bunch of sheer curtains that looked much better.

But they still didn’t look all that great.  So.

I chopped them up again.Photobucket

Reason being: The BUNCO theme for tonight is COMFORT.  The little devil on my left shoulder pointed to the heap of sheer fabric sitting on top of my scraps and said, “How about whipping up something… a little more comfortable?”Photobucket

I used the baby doll style apron I made a couple weeks ago as a pattern (ish) and went to work.  I was so excited to take it tonight, but I should know by now that anytime I get excited about BUNCO.  Yea, anytime I MAKE something and GET EXCITED about BUNCO, the hubsters will have to stay late at work.

I had to get a sitter for my children Tuesday so my husband and I could attend Stake Training.  I had to get a sitter for my children Wednesday so I could go to the doctor.  I’ll have to get a sitter for the kids tomorrow so we can go on a date.  Point in case: I’m staying home.Photobucket

But yahoo for the bridal shower I’ll be going to on Saturday.  My gift is ready!  Hopefully she doesn’t try to cook in this apron…

However, it is maternity-friendly. I’ve always been very practical.

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One Response to Bridal Shower Apron

  1. Laurie says:

    I would KILL SOMEONE with a blunt object to get that apron. Wowza!

    P.S. I’m so tired with this new baby thing that I’m getting violent. Don’t hate…

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