Hot Pad Love

I have a slight infatuation with hot pads.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a total hoarder… I’m a very selective hoarder, but it probably doesn’t help that I love making them as much as I love buying them.
I love scouring antique shops and finding them priced RIDICULOUSLY low ($2? Doesn’t even cover the cost of the yarn, even if it was made in 1950).


The bright colors just make me so happy, but I felt silly leaving them all piled up in a wire basket in my room… so I hammered some needles into my wall (no measuring, of course, because then it would look like it made some kind of sense and it absolutely does not) and started hanging.

Now they are all over my wall, and I couldn’t love it more! I keep finding myself on Pinterest finding more inspiration (as if I need more) (but I totally do) (is this how shoe addicts feel?):

potholder(via flickr)

scrappy potholders for teacher gifts

via Blooming Poppies

DIY Recipe Potholders

via My So Called Crafty Life

Crochet Hot Pad - Cotton - Yellow, Tangerine, Red - Fruit

via Made By Hand

I just can’t get enough.  Are there groups for nerds like me?  Recovery groups?  With people under the age of 80?


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