The Letter B

Today we talked about the Letter B.  One of our students is having a Birthday tomorrow, and he brought Brownies as a treat!  The letter worked really well into everything we did today, and everyone (including me!) had a lot of fun. After we did some handwriting pages about the letter B, I got the milk out of the fridge and poured it into a clear glass. When I got the Nesquick down, the kids’ faces lit up.

We talked about the color Brown and how it starts with the letter B, and then we watched as the milk turned brown.

After I stirred it all up, we talked about what made the milk turn brown, and then I said, “okay, let me just dump this down the drain and we’ll do something else.” The kids didn’t protest, but their little faces were SO SAD! It was cute! Instead of dumping it like I had teased them I would, I got out cups and let them each make their own Brown milk. While they stirred it up, I rinsed the original cup out and made clear water turn BLUE.

Last time we had class, we talked about the letter G and gingerbread. I was so excited to find a worksheet about gingerbread men and colors! It had both the color BROWN and the color BLUE, so we were able to review the letter G a little and talk about something new.

After stretch/wiggle time, we played with patterns using the following:
button, bell, button, bell…

For reading time, one of the kids chose “Goodnight Gorilla.” After reading time was done, I sent them to the table for crafts and they all said “goodnight!” and “fell asleep.”

Finally, after we colored pictures of Christmas bells, we made Bracelets out of Bells, and then we shook them while we sang “Jingle Bells.”

After we sang, the kids gobbled up their brownies.

Today was a REALLY GREAT day at preschool!

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G is for Gingerbread

Today in preschool, we reviewed the letter G.  Because it is the holiday season and because I have gingerbread coming out of my ears, we did a few gingerbread activities.  Each kid dressed their own gingerbread man for our craft today.  One gingerbread man was named “Rock Star Man” and one was named “Roscoe.”

I cut their clothes out of felt and let the kids chose their own buttons.
The gingerbread man template can be found HERE.

I also found a GREAT resource for traceable names. I’m so happy I stumbled on it!

Find it HERE.
Of course we ended our day with a gingerbread snack, and I sent some home with everybody.

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“Snow” Snack

On Monday, we reviewed the letters “C” and “T” and talked about Christmas Trees. The kids had a really great time with it, and after we were done with all of our school work, we had snack time. I melted some white chocolate chips and stirred crunched up candy canes into the mixture.

I lined a cookie sheet with wax paper, sprayed it with pam and then poured the mixture onto it. I put it in the freezer and let it sit until the end of preschool (2 hours). When preschool was over, I pulled it out and broke it into pieces.
The kids LOVED it.

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Thankful Wreaths

On Wednesday, we reviewed the letter F.

We talked about Friends and Family and how grateful we are to have them.  I cut a bunch of “leaves” out of construction paper and wrote what the kids told me they were thankful for on them.

When we were done, the kids glued their leaves to a paper plate.  I had cut a circle out of the center to make it look wreath-ish.

I got the biggest kick out of my little cousin’s answers. I asked him what he was grateful for, and his answers were great:
“Making a picture to send to Justin (his cousin on a mission)”
“Playing with my briends.” (substitute an “f” for the “b” in briends…)
And this one:
“Making a glass thing at JuJu’s.”

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The Letter Y

A few weeks ago, we worked on the letter Y.  As I thought of activities that might personalize the letter for the kids, I couldn’t help but think of our grandpa’s brand.

Yes, the “y” is upside down. But I stole the idea anyway. The kids could really relate to it, and I got a kick out of incorporating triangles into the activity as well.

The kids each got their own small herd, so I don’t know why she’s making that face.

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