Once Upon a Time, Young Women in Excellence

Our Ward Young Women President is truly inspired!  This past Sunday, we had our Young Women in Excellence.  For the theme, our YW President chose President Uchtdorf’s talk to the Young Women titled, “Your Happily Ever After.”

We started off the evening by watching a video of his talk.  Then the YW leaders gave a presentation of the values.  We had originally planned to have the four of us in the presidency each take two values each and give a short presentation on them.  We wanted to relate the values to dress-up princess clothes.  For example, we used a wand to represent “good works” and a crown to represent “divine nature.”  As I thought about my two assigned values (integrity and good works) I kept feeling like I needed to write a poem.

After talking it over with the other ladies, we decided that making all of the values into a poem would work out great.  I had no idea what I was going to write, so I prayed to know what to write and then I set to writing.  I’d work on the poem at night, after everyone had gone to bed.  After a few nights, I came up with this poem.  It ended up working out well -we invited a member of the Stake Young Women Presidency to sit in front of the group and we put all of the dress up clothes on her as we read the poem.

Once upon a time,

So we’ve heard it told

Lived an ordinary woman

Who longed for jewels and gold.

She cried, “My face is plain!

And my person lacks finesse.

My shoes are old and worn,

To say nothing of my dress.”

“I have not any friends

And who am I to blame?

I’d not cast my lot with me.

I’m simply… a cesspool of shame.”

And so she carried on

Thinking no one could hear her.

She never could have known

There was a man standing near her.

“Rubbish!” He cried aloud.

Causing the maiden to start.

“Who are you?” she asked

Placing a hand atop her heart.

“Who are YOU?” he echoed

Making the air around them shake.

“Are you a blessed Child of God

Or nature’s finest mistake?”

He gave the maiden pause

She couldn’t think to reply.

Instead she settled for a tear

And a desperately long sigh.

The man looked on in awe

Asking, “Woman, don’t you know

You were masterfully created,

Built to learn and built to grown.”

“So I’ve heard,” was her reply.

“But I’ve yet to see the reason.

Nothing great will come of me

As I pass away the seasons.”

“How can you know?” asked he

“If you’ve never kissed a frog?

Sometimes greatness lies beneath

A reptile perched on a log.”

“A frog!” The woman cried

“Now that’s an awful thought!

There’s NO WAY it will help me,

Is that all you’ve got?”

“No it’s not,” the man replied

“But perhaps you don’t want to hear.

I’ve got eight values I can share

I hold them sacred and dear.”

“The first is a frog,

It’s your faith he’ll test.

Do you have the faith

To give up good for best?”

Faith is the ability

To trust, believe, and know

That though they’re very ugly

Certain frogs can make you glow.”

“I like that,” the woman said.

“Maybe you ARE right.

Maybe I should trust in God.

And not judge from first sight.”

The man nodded in head saying

“You’re starting to glow already!

I’ve got seven more to share,

Hold your bearings steady.”

The man reached down into a bag,

And pulled out a crown.

The woman’s eyes lit up,

Chasing away her pouty frown.

“Is that for me?” she gasped,

Her eyes upon the crown’s jewels.

“It can be,” relied the man.

“It’s one of my eight tools.”

“You’ve got one on you,

Or so it appears,

In fact you already had it

For many, many years.”

This crown is a symbol

Of your nature divine,

For you are a crowned daughter

Of the highest King most fine.

Perhaps you can not see it.

But I promise if you try,

You’ll find your divine nature

Is where your royalty lies.”

He placed the crown upon her head

And handed her a mirror.

“Tell me,” he spoke again.

“What you see in here.”

She said, “I see a woman, plain.

I see a crown, most fair.

And I see a warty frog.

And unremarkable hair.”

“Look a little longer,” he said.

“See what you’ve had since birth.

Try to look past your skin

To find individual worth.

“You’re valued most highly

By your father, the King.

Your soul is worth far more

Than anything riches can bring.”

“My soul?” She asked into the mirror

As if waiting for reply.

“I’ve never given it much thought,

But as you wish, I’ll comply.”

“It’s not enough,” he said.

“To simply sit and look.”

With that he reached into his bag

And from it, two gloves took.

“Your future lies in what you do

And in choices you shall make.

You must be held accountable

For every good and all mistakes.

Wear these gloves day in –day out,

They’ll serve to remind you.

To make the best choice offered

And leave the bad behind you.

In leaving bad you shall find

A bright and happy tomorrow.

Your life will lose all lifelessness

And be spared great sorrow.

“And this,” the man held up a wand.

“Can really bring you beauty.

Take it with you everywhere

To do good works beyond duty.

“Magically making good appear

In the lives of all around

Is why you have been sent to earth

And why you have been crowned.

“Love one another,” said thy King.

It’s written in His book.

It’s here for you, young lady fair,

Come hither, take a look.

“There’s much to read and learn

Insides these books and pages

The words are immortal

Standing the test of the ages.

“But it’s not enough,” he said.

“To simply sit and read.

You’ve got to put on your shoes,

To see where the books lead.

Knowledge is what the shoes will bring

A value much higher than gold.

Set your feet to learning

And watch a new world unfold.”

The young woman admitted.

“A new world sounds just fine.

I think it’s time to leave behind

This vain perspective of mine.”

He said, “Now you’ve got it!

And perhaps now can see

Why these eight values

Mean so very much to me.”

“We’ve covered six so far,

Integrity will make for seven.

She who holds integrity

Is a priceless pearl in Heaven.”

As he spoke those words of truth,

He strung her neck with pearls.

She knew then her valued lied

In her heart and not her curls.

“Your King does much,” he continued

“With a woman pure in heart.

Who is as pure in the end

As she was at the very start.

“I speak now of the last value,

A robe of virtue you must wear.

With it fastened ‘round your being,

Your beauty is beyond compare.

“Your purity is evident

It shines out from within.

With these eight values by your side

Every battle you shall win.”

Again the man turned to her

Moving the mirror to her face.

She said, “I see a woman,

A pure vessel of God-like Grace.”

“But who are you?” the woman asked.

“I feel we know each other.”

He replied, “And so we do,

I’m Jesus Christ, your brother.”

I know there’s some typos in there, but I don’t have time to edit them out now.

After the value presentation, the girls each got up and talked about what they’d been doing as far as personal progress goes.  They each had a small display, and their stuff was really great.  I don’t remember being as great as they are when I was doing personal progress as a teenager.

After their presentations, the YW President spoke and gave a really great message.  She also made a DVD that was played, and it floored me! I’m so excited to be part of such an amazing program, and I love all of the young women so much!

The spirit was really strong that night, and I’m so grateful I could be a part of it.

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3 Responses to Once Upon a Time, Young Women in Excellence

  1. Tia says:

    Wow. That was amazing! I seriously teared up while I was reading it. You have such an amazing talent!

  2. brandi says:

    I love this!!! I am the new yw pres in our ward and I want to use this! is that ok??? ALso anyway I can get ahold of her video??

  3. Caytee says:

    I love this too. I work with the YW and would love to use this poem as well. Any chance your president would let us see her video. Or at least tell us where she got it from? THank you!

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