Steve’s Sweet and Spicy Chili

Has it really been a month since I updated my cooking blog?  That’s nuts.  Life is finally settling down on account of my forcing it to, and I finally busted out my brother’s chili recipe on account of it’s being seriously cold.

This recipe will make you happy for two reasons:

#1) It’s simple.

#2) It’s delicious.

Let’s begin.

You’re going to need:

1 pound of hamburger, cooked and drained

1 small can of tomato soup (NOT the family size, that is) undilluted

2 packets of taco seasoning

1 large can Dole pineapple, crushed

1 can of kidney beans, drained

1 can of pinto beans with jalapenos, drained

1 (14.5 oz.) can of diced tomatoes with juices

Combine all of these ingredients in a slow cooker.  Cook for at least one hour on high.We topped ours with cheese.

Everyone -kids included -loves this.  Give it a try!

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2 Responses to Steve’s Sweet and Spicy Chili

  1. Steve-the brother says:

    You have my forgiveness, though I hardly think it’s needed for sharing something so sweet! Glad everyone liked it.

  2. Tia-the friend says:

    We’re eating this right now! It’s fantastic! Nice work Steve-O!

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