Gravy Trick!

My mom rarely makes her gravy only on the stove top. Her step mom taught her a trick that she passed on to me. I know I don’t use this trick to it’s full potential -but a few nights ago, I worked perfectly for me!
I’d put a roast in the crock pot because it was rainy and cold outside. I wanted to have the house feeling and smelling warm. I added butter, ranch seasonings, onions and salt to the roast in the crock pot and walked away. I felt pretty bold about not adding water -I wanted to see what would happen.
The roast cooked on low for just over 8 hours, and it was moist and warm. The crock pot was bubbling with plenty of liquid -you couldn’t tell I hadn’t used water! I made homemade mashed potatoes and then started the gravy.
I melted butter and added my gluten free flour mix. It usually makes gravy no problem, but when I started adding drippings from the crock pot, it just lumped up.
I tried adding more, reducing heat, adding milk… finally I remembered something my Mom had said about blending gravy that wouldn’t work.
What could I lose?
I poured the lumpy mix into my blender.
I had to blend it for quite awhile. I added more drippings and milk and then I cried out in pure triumph when it came out like:

I immediately called my Mom to thank her, and she gave all the credit to her late step mother, Nedra. What a life saver!
Mom uses the blender to make her gravy, and it’s never failed her!

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  1. Gerri says:

    SHE CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all

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