Southwestern Tostadas

Last night I had two problems:
#1) I needed to make dinner and
#2) I had no refried beans.

It’s SERIOUSLY a problem, okay? If you’re not from Arizona, you wouldn’t understand…

I had cheese, tostada shells and no refried beans! So I improvised and came up with something everyone loved. It was a pantry meal for sure.
We’ll be making it again and again and again -though no tomatoes for Trenton (hello, Family Feud over food).

NOTE: this recipe is VERY casual when it comes to ingredients and cook time… it’s all about how much you feel is right.

You’re Going To Need:
Tostada Shells
BBQ Sauce
Cheese (Your choice, I used a chedder and co-jack blend)
Toppings of choice: corn, black beans, tomatoes, diced bell peppers…

Preheat oven to 350.
I only had canned tomatoes, so the first thing I did was rinse and drain the tomatoes and black beans (though not at the same time).

I topped the tostada shells with BBQ sauce as if they were teeny pizzas. I added toppings (black beans, tomatoes, and bell pepper in my case) and then finished it off with a layer of cheese.

Bake until cheese melts nicely.
I didn’t get a final picture, but really… these were easy and delicious.

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