Avocado Breakfast Bowl

Being married means cooking things you hate for people you love at least once a year:
on Valentine’s Day.

That said: I HATE avocados.
And that means yesterday, Valentine’s Day, we had them for breakfast.

As my gift to my husband this year, I wanted to give him a nice hearty breakfast but I wanted something a little different than the same ol’ eggs and bacon. Changing up much of our diet to gluten-free has thrown a wrench in things, but it’s also ignited a sort of creative revolution in my little kitchen.
I combined a few of my husband’s most favorite ingredients: avocado, egg, bacon, and cheese -and the ending result was something that made him feel treated, special, and important.
It was a fancy breakfast, and he loved the Royal Treatment (Royal Treatment for men = bacon).

Having said that, I want to add a disclaimer that this dish isn’t something I’d ever make for taste-sake.
1) Because I hate avocados.
2) Because even my husband, who eats them every chance he gets, was more in love with the idea and look than he was with the actual taste.

I DO encourage you to make this because it does produce a certain I MATTER ENOUGH TO DO FANCY STUFF FOR ME kind of feeling. Just… don’t expect your taste buds to get high.

And upside? Even with the bacon, it’s still pretty healthy.

You’re Going To Need:

Avocado(s) (I used three)
Bacon, cut up and cooked (I used three slices -so: one per avocado.  Use more or less to taste)

Preheat oven to 425*

Begin by halving the avocado. Remove the pit (I like the “hit it hard with your butcher knife and twist” method because it gives me a sense of control and power -something mothers are lacking in SPADES).
Scrape some of the avocado meat out, remove to a bowl (I guess some people are into eating that kind of thing as-is, so don’t throw it out).

Sprinkle the hollowed out center with bacon -don’t use up all of your bacon… save some for sprinkling on top when they come out of the oven!
Crack an egg inside. My eggs over-filled the avocado cavity, and I might suggest cracking all of the eggs into a separate bowl and scrambling them… you’d end up having more control over the amount that actually goes into the cavity.
Top with Cheese.

0214140743Carefully bake!  I ended up needing to cook them for about 30 minutes, but if you scramble the eggs instead, they will most likely cook much faster.  I advise cooking them 15 minutes, and checking them periodically after that (maybe every five minutes or so?  Be extra vigilant -you don’t want to burn fancy food).

Top with remaining bacon and enjoy!

Valentine’s Day is an important holiday for me -it’s my favorite, and not because I’m in love and have the best. husband. ever. (could you hear my valley-girl voice through the screen?) but because I believe love is the most powerful force on earth and beyond.  A holiday to celebrate it is about the best idea since… well, Christmas (which, let’s face it: is totally about love).

I set out breakfast with a side of yogurt and fresh berries (topped with almonds).  I love my heart ramekins, bought on clearance after last year’s Valentine’s Day!  I’ve been dying to use them FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

I made a fancy breakfast, I made pretty treats, and I made a beautiful feast last night -which will be blogged later because I don’t want to over-do it with posting today.  Also: I do have a life to live today, and that means I need to get out of bed and away from my screen at some point!

But I did use the fancy glasses for breakfast.  I did tie a ribbon about the red napkin.  And I did buy bacon and orange juice (which I hardly do.  Do you anymore?  Holy inflation burning up my wallet, Batman!).

But then I didn’t wipe the table off.  What’s up with THAT?

Valentinebreakfast2 Valentinebreakfast3

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