Oatmeal Tea

My husband left work work at 9 am on Friday. He kissed me and said, “goodbye.” It was all too familiar -his voice, his whiskers on my cheek…
My husband called from work at 5 pm on Friday, and I didn’t recognize his voice.
“I’m on my way home,” he drawled out.
“HONEY? Is that YOU?”
“My throat is killing me…”

And out of sheer love, he has shared his bad case of the Barry White’s with me. We sound awful.

There’s only one thing to do around my house when you’re feeling crummy. Watch movies and drink oatmeal tea. I don’t know if anyone has ever made this before -I followed Jethro’s Kloss’ instructions on making oatmeal water and then added some of this and that.
The oatmeal water on it’s own is very soothing to any sick person -oatmeal water is packed with nutrients. You can drink it hot or cold.
You really can’t go wrong when you make it.

Boil a lot of water.
(see? easy.)
I just pull out the first saucepan I can get my hands on, fill it up and put it on the stove.

Add some oatmeal.
(anywhere from a few teaspoons to a cup -whatever you like.)

Bring water and oatmeal to a boil.
Let boil for a few minutes (I usually let it boil for about 30 minutes).


Strain. Jethro Kloss recommends a cheese cloth, but I just pour it through my colander because I don’t mind oats in my water. Maybe ‘cuz I was raised ’round hosses.

At this point I add some honey -local is BEST and PREFERRED because there are so many stinking health benefits from local honey. But all I had was the Wal-Mart stuff… so the only benefit I really got from adding honey was sweetening.
I also added three drops on DoTerra’s OnGuard Blend to my big, fat pirate mug. If your mug is smaller, add less.

Everyone in this house loves it except for my oldest… she swears it tastes “weird.” To which I replied, “Medicine isn’t meant to be yummy.”
But in this case? It actually is.
My daughter must be loco.

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