Wheat Bread as a Comfort Food

I have a big, white three-ring binder full of sheet protectors and recipes.  I can’t live without it, and I ain’t kiddin’.  Last week, I misplaced it and I dang near had a conniption.  My husband almost did too because his jerky marinade recipe is IN that nearly sacred binder.

I print recipes from the internet and slide them in there.  I scribble family recipes on sheets of paper and slide them in there.  I stole my friend Tawna’s sandwich recipe from facebook.  My aunt’s fudge.  My other aunt’s stuffed peppers.  My mother’s gingerbread house instructions and recipes.  Mom’s granola.  My sister’s cumin-lime chicken! My brother’s chili!!!!

I haven’t tried everything in the binder, but I’ve nearly tried it all.  Months and months ago, I printed out a recipe I found for wheat bread.

Yesterday was perfectly cruddy outside.  It was so cruddy that I fell in love with how perfectly cruddy it was and I set to cleaning my kitchen so I might bake.  I threw open the curtains in my kitchen and let the dreariness in.  I pulled open my white binder and flipped to the wheat bread recipe.  It took some time to make and would have been MUCH easier had I had a Kitchen-Aid.

Ten minutes of kneading by hand can really put things into perspective for you.  That’s all I’m saying.

It was ALL totally worth it.  While the bread sat rising in a bowl on the stove, I chopped a spaghetti squash in half and baked it.  By the time the spaghetti squash was done, the bread was about ready to bake.

I topped our spaghetti squash with homemade pasta sauce and grated cheese.  After dinner, we snacked on our bread to our heart’s content.  We even ate it for our Family Home Evening treat.

And now I’ll shut my trap and give you the link.  I realize it isn’t so perfect cruddy outside today, but print this off anyway.  Keep it in a safe spot for when the time comes.  And when it comes, you’ll know.  Just like I did.

Kid-Friendly Wheat Bread

PS: our bread is pretty much gone. And I’m sad.

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