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Chicken Salad Sandwiches

I love Sam’s Club. Around these parts, they have the best produce for the best price. They also have rotisserie chicken for $6, and it is SO GOOD! I’ve had rotisserie chicken for something around the same price elsewheres, and … Continue reading

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Mom’s Cookies -remix

My mom makes the BEST cookies. ┬áReally, she does. ┬áTaking a bite out of one of her chocolate chip cookies takes me back home in an instant, and if ever I’m feeling homesick for the days when my metabolism moved … Continue reading

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Taco Soup -Grandma Style

If you know me at all, you know that I’m all about Grandma Style, ESPECIALLY if that Grandma happens to be a little country. When I stumbled on this recipe for Taco Soup from The Curious Country Cook, I made … Continue reading

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Froggy in da Hole

My children have recently become obsessed with Froggy in the Hole. I think this recipe is so easy it hardly needs a written explanation, but given the staple it has become in our home… I just have to write it … Continue reading

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Green Smoothie

I am a regular green drink drinker, and while green drink is not everyone’s cuppa, I will say: TRY this one! My kids love it -they can’t get enough of it. I tell them it’s Hulk Juice. It’s probably true. … Continue reading

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