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Hawaiian Burgers

Yesterday, my parents invited us up to their house for a Memorial Day BBQ.  My Dad wanted to make Hawaiian Hamburgers, and they were delish!  I took pictures for yous guys. He seasoned his hamburger meat with Wor. Sauce and … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Brains and Eggs

You thought the prune cake was bad, didn’t you?  Well it looks down right appetizing next to a bowl of my grandmother’s specialty: Cow brains and eggs. Now, I’m not knocking grandma.  If anyone could make brains taste tolerable, it … Continue reading

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Steak Marinade

This marinade recipe I’m about to give you is sacred around these parts.  It is my Dad’s signature grill meal, and no one messes with it.  He used to sign up to feed the missionaries and then grill steaks for … Continue reading

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BBQ Fake Steak

There’s a little Mom and Pop Pizza Shop here in town that, true to small town style, is only open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and even then, it closes at 8 pm.  Everyone loves it, and we all can’t … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash Pie

My Dad grew a bunch of butternut squash, and I LOVE butternut squash.  I wanted to grow some, but I couldn’t find any seeds or plants.  Thankfully, I’ve struck a deal with Dad.  He’ll let me go pick squarsh at … Continue reading

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